LIVE-Stream daily 8:30 AM

4 crazy streamers - Tulli, Chris, Timo & Walder, who sweeten your mornings with extraordinary moments every day! 🔥

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A really fun spectacle when 8 random people from the chat competed against each other with their favorite game. The mostly not so talented players fight head to head for victory. The pursuit of the title can lead to nerve-wracking moments and surprising results.

An underdog can defeat a favorite, or a player who performed poorly early in the tournament can stage an impressive comeback. Such twists create suspense and keep viewers in suspense.


After the tournaments, one or the other bonus hunt usually follows. (English: Bonus hunt) Unexpected surprises are also expected here. Even a miserable start doesn't rule out a sudden turn.

Even a blind hen finds a seed sometimes. And probably an alpaca too, Maxwin.

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