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Over the past few years, we have found a good working relationship between streamers / promoters and online casinos has an extreme potential for improvement. Inexperienced managers, designers and programmers have wasted their entire potential on some streamers.

We have therefore joined forces to gain experience in all relevant areas In a team. Directly accessible without detours. Your success is our goal.

stream design example
stream design example


A clean overlay for a professional appearance is a basic requirement for a good stream. A dedicated designer is responsible for ensuring that your overlay meets these requirements!

Many helpful tools form a whole overlay, which play a decisive role for the stream.

You can incorporate your individual wishes into your overlay with the help of our designer.


A clean structure with extreme added value. Our dashboard! With the help of this tool you can easily manage all your tools. A program developed only for the slot stream.

With the help of the wagerbar, the bonus hunt list or the game wish list, your viewers can see everything they need at a glance.

A dedicated tournament system rounds off the dashboard perfectly. A new level of viewer interaction has been reached with this feature.

Bonushunt list overlay
Wagerbar overlay
Deposit and withdrawal overlay
Game suggestions overlay
Slot turnier system overlay
Own streamer bonus webpage example image

Your own homepage

Each partner is provided with a homepage that is perfectly optimized for the slot area. With the help of this website you can easily and simply give your viewers the opportunity to try their luck in an online casino.

Here you can see a template as an example.

For example

We support you with:


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We offer you coordinated offers from the best casinos, with which we have been working successfully for several years, so there are no problems with payouts or similar issues.


Software and tools icon

An all-in-one solution - our dashboard with the following helpful tools:

  • Revenue overview
  • Wagerbar / Bonus hunt list / Deposit overview (OBS Overlays)
  • Tipp-bot (competitions)
  • Streaming bonus overview


individual design icon

We create your individual overlay, the associated banners in the info box and, of course, personalized alerts.

How do I get paid?

We offer two different options. First of all, we give already well-known streamers a monthly sum, which can vary depending on the size.

Second there is the possibility to offset after first payments. This means that if 20 new players are generated per month and they all make a first deposit, you will be compensated accordingly for each first deposit.

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All advantages at a glance:

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Just stream

You can fully concentrate on the streaming. We'll take care of everything else!

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The software

We have developed a complete all-in-one package just for slot streamers. You benefit from our technical know-how!

payout icon

On-time payouts

We pay out automatically on the 15th of the month via our dashboard. Reliable and punctual too.

casino deals icon

The best casino deals

A single point of contact for all your casino deals. Clear and transparent, the best casino deals for you.

analytics and advice icon

Quality advice

We have regular conversations with the streamers to find solutions to all problems together. Continuous improvement is the secret.

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Our huge network of slot streamers is happy about every newcomer. So you will also benefit regularly from raids / hosts and shoutouts.

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Personal support

Our team takes care of your problems at all times of the day and night. A personal contact for all cases.

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A designer who plans and implements your entire internet presence. High quality overlays, banners, animations or alerts. Personalized on your channel.

Contact us:

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